CHN Home Care
    Berlin Location:
Located in the Siever's Building
            270 E Marquette
            Berlin, WI 54923

    Wautoma Location:
Hwy 22 North
            Wautoma, WI 54982


   Perhaps you've just been discharged from the hospital, are homebound due to illness or injury, or find personal hygiene difficult or even possible to complete on your own. Or is a family member in need of daily living assistance or medical monitoring?
    Regardless of the situation, the friendly professionals of CHN Home Care will assess your situation and determine the services most appropriate to meet your needs. We provide them in the comfort of your home under the direction of your personal physician. Our services include:
            Skilled Nursing Care
                    *    Observation and Evaluation
                 *    Wound Care & Dressing Changes
                    *    Disease Management
                    *    Rehabilitation Following Stroke, Surgery, Injury or Disease
                    *    Cardiac Rehabilitation
                    *    Diabetic Care
                    *    Catheter Care
                    *    Ostomy & Tracheotomy Care
                    *    IV Therapy & Line Management
                    *    Respiratory Care
                    *    Tube Feeds & Nutritional Counseling

            Bath & Personal Care
                    *    Bathing; Skin, Hair, Foot & Nail Care; Exercise Assistance and More

            Physical Therapy

            Occupational Therapy

            Speech Therapy

            Medical Social Services

            Personal Assistance & Respite Care

            Assessment of Specialized Medical Equipment