Service Excellence

  National Healthcare
  Access Personnel Week 
  April 1-7, 2001  
Join us in showing our appreciation of Healthcare Access Personnel and their continued accomplishments of service excellence in the Healthcare access continuum.

National Healthcare Access Personnel Week
April 1-7, 2001
Healthcare Access Personnel: Our Goodwill Ambassadors

 As we celebrate National Healthcare Access Personnel Week, April 1-7, 2001 we acknowledge our special goodwill ambassadors for initiating the caring spirit that exists among staff throughout our healthcare network.  

 At one point or another, every staff member of Community Health Network, Wild Rose Community Memorial Hospital and Waushara Family Physician Clinics come in contact with the public.  With that contact comes the opportunity to present a positive image to our communities.  Healthcare Access Personnel are most often responsible for providing patients and visitors with their first impression of our healthcare network.

 Patients and families who come into our healthcare facilities are often in a stressful situation.  The job of our Healthcare Access Personnel is to ease their concerns in a caring and efficient manner.

In an average day, Healthcare Access Personnel handles a variety of requests from many persons including physicians, nurses and patients.  Physicians rely on access personnel to obtain all pertinent information from their patients.  Access personnel must also be familiar with the procedures and guidelines of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial health insurance carriers.

During the access process, patients sometimes feel apprehensive and need support.  Healthcare Access Personnel must be fast, accurate and above all friendly.  If they donít do their job correctly, the problems reverberate throughout the hospital and clinics.  The main priority of access staff is to balance efficiency with large doses of caring and concern.

Please take a moment and acknowledge your Community Health Network and Wild Rose Community Memorial Hospital Healthcare Access Personnel.