18 - 40 years

The greatest risk of death to men in this age group is due to trauma.  Men can reduce the risk of serious injury by wearing seat belts, limiting alcohol and drug use, and following safety procedures at work.

Healthy lifestyle practices include avoidance of tobacco, limited alcohol use, regular vigorous exercise, and a diet that includes 5 fruits and vegetables daily.  Protection from sexually transmitted disease can be improved by limited sexual partners and use of condoms.

Examination schedule-generally routine examinations for men in this age group are suggested every 3-5 years.  The frequency of exams should be discussed with your provider.

Exams should include weight, blood pressure, skin exam, testicular exam, and lymph node exam.

Cancer screening will focus on examination to detect testicular cancer, skin cancer, and lymph tumors.

Testing- cholesterol screening should be discussed with you provider.  Cardiovascular risk assessment.

Immunizations-tetanus booster every 10 yrs