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Patient Services

CHN and Berlin Memorial Hospital has the following services to make your visit with us as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

  • Internet Access - Wireless internet access is available throughout all of our facilities. [click for details]
  • Cable Television - Expanded cable television programming is available in patient rooms and in lounge areas. [click for channel guide]
  • Telephones - Phones are available in patients rooms, lobby and lounge areas. [click for details]
  • Newspapers - If you wish to purchase a copy of your favorite daily newspaper, please contact one of the nurses or a Volunteer. The Berlin Journal is available in the Gift Shop.
  • Spiritual Care - Your spiritual needs are recognized as an important part of your total care plan. [click for details]
  • Escort Service - This same group of Volunteers provides special help to the nursing staff by escorting you and other patients, by wheelchair, to any ancillary department expecting you for treatment. Upon your discharge, a Volunteer or nursing staff member will escort you to the lobby where your friends or family will be waiting to take you home.
  • Mail & Flowers - Mail, flowers and packages are delivered to you by our Volunteers. If you have been discharged, mail is forwarded to your home, and floral arrangements will be refused. Florists may deliver to your home, if possible.
  • Meal Service - [click for details]
  • Bringing Foods - As a patient, your diet may be a prescribed treatment, and additional foods or beverages may not be part of that plan. Please talk with your nurse before receiving any food or beverages in addition to your hospital meals.
  • Your Valuables - We discourage you from bringing personal valuables into the hospital and ask that you try to arrange for them to be taken home by a relative or friend. We also encourage that you keep no more than $5 at your bedside. If this is impossible, please notify nurses to arrange for your valuables to be secured in a locked area at the Nurses’ Station until you are ready to go home. You must notify appropriate persons that you have property to be placed in the locked area, and items left at the bedside are your responsibility. Valuables placed in the locked area are itemized and inserted in a special envelope with your name on it. Property may be retrieved at any time by informing the nurses. 

CHN Volunteers

Volunteer_logoWhile expert medical providers, management and caring staff are instrumental in leading our organization, providing these services would be impossible without the dedication and commitment of our valued CHN Volunteers. Read More >>

CHN Foundation

foundation_logoBeyond hands-on medical care our CHN Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, is available to help area children, adults, and families. Read More >>

CHN Careers

Whether you prefer the excitement of helping implement cutting-edge treatment technology or the close relationships that evolve through contact with patients and their families, you can find your special place at CHN. Work With Us>>>
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