CHN General Surgeons Commit to Excellence in Patient Satisfaction

The CHN General Surgeons of Darren Nelson, MD, Horace Lo, MD, and Barry Rogers, MD, maintain a continual flow of surgical patients daily in and out of the CHN Surgical Care Center.

Along with their busy schedule of surgeries, they give every patient the personal care needed before, during and after the surgery is performed. To maintain this high level of customer satisfaction, they have added Paula Kasuboski, NP, to their staff as the patient advocate. She isn’t new to CHN, as Kasuboski has worked in the Surgical Care Center for the past three years.

“In my new role, I have a consult appointment with each surgical patient prior to their surgery to collect their pre-op history, perform what physicals might be needed, complete lab work, and offer education on their surgery. I then assist the day of surgery and keep a continuous check on the patient. If it was an in-patient procedure, I do rounds and check on the patient, along with coordinating their care with the physicians, anesthesia, and pharmacy,” said Kasuboski.

The continuum of care doesn’t end the day of surgery either. Kasuboski then meets with every surgical patient post-op, usually scheduled four to six weeks after surgery, to follow up with them, answer any questions they may have, and be their number one resource.

“This new process is working fantastic, for both the surgeons and the patients. I can offer that personal one-on-one time that is crucial to all patients. Being able to offer the continuum of care before, during and after surgery has been extremely well received. And for me, I love to see the rewards of surgery when I meet with patient’s post-op. Success stories are very satisfying for me to hear!” said Kasuboski.

For more information on CHN Nelson & Lo Surgical Associates, please call 920-361-5340.


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