Career Stories

How great is it to work at CHN? We thought we'd let our employees tell you themselves...

“I started with CHN working part-time while I was in high school, and from there continued on with full-time employment. The atmosphere at CHN is great, and I really appreciate the flexible hours and scheduling.”
Katie B., Oshkosh, WI - Dietary Assistant
5½ years with CHN

“Providing therapy in a rural setting allows me to become proficient in many different services – outpatient, inpatient, nursing home, and home care. I love having the opportunity to grow in all of these areas.”
Bill B., Ripon, WI - Occupational Therapist
14 years with CHN

“Although Berlin Memorial Hospital may be a smaller hospital, we have the same level of training and care that larger hospitals have. We complete all required courses for Trauma Nurses, Pediatric Trauma, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Our Emergency Department also has a friendly atmosphere - I work with a great group of docs and staff.”
Pam G., RN, Omro, WI - Emergency Department
16 years with CHN

“I started at CHN as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and took advantage of tuition reimbursement and the nurse intern program to achieve my registered nursing license. I love the variety of patients we care for, as it allows me to utilize all my nursing skills on a daily basis.”
Michelle K., RN, Princeton, WI - Registered Nurse
11 years with CHN

“Recently CHN invested in brand new state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment, and not only is it outstanding to work with, but it proves CHN is invested in the future. The quality of imaging is amazing. I also love the variety in my job; working with expectant parents is a joy, along with the many other patients requiring ultrasound.”

Amanda M., Berlin, WI - Ultrasound Technologist
2 years with CHN

“As the full-time Walk In provider, I get to see a variety of people, of all different ages, with many different illnesses. One day is never the same and I like that. I also really enjoy working with the professional and caring staff here at CHN.”

Jess J., Berlin, WI - Physician Assistant
2 years with CHN

“I enjoy the small town setting. I am able to manage the medical needs of my patients throughout their life. I love the people I work with and my patients.”
Shawn E., MD, Berlin, WI - Family Physician
13 years with CHN

“I like the various people I interact with on a daily basis, both co-workers and external customers. It’s a good feeling to enjoy coming to work every day.”
Sarah J., Berlin, WI - Health Information Services Clerk
9 years with CHN

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