Emergency Department (ER) - (Berlin)

24 Hours a Day/7Days a Week

Go directly to the emergency room for:

  • Stroke-like symptoms including weakness on one side of the body, difficulty speaking or understanding, seizure, loss of consciousness or severe headache.
  • Sudden or severe shortness of breath, especially in patients with asthma, emphysema or a blocked airway.
  • An allergic reaction that comes on quickly, especially if symptoms include swelling of the lips or tongue, shortness of breath or throat tightness.
  • Dislocation of a major joint, such as the shoulder, hip or knee.
  • Sudden, severe abdominal pain.
  • Fever of 101 or greater in an infant.
  • Chest pain. In some cases this may be accompanied by other symptoms such as weakness, nausea, sweating or shortness of breath.

Walk-In or Emergency Room: Which is right for you?
In an effort to better serve patient needs, Community Health Network offers walk-in care for any after hours or weekend medical emergency that may arise. When is walk-in care appropriate? Click Here

Emergency Department
Berlin Memorial Hospital
(East side of building)
225 Memorial Dr.
Berlin, WI 54923
Phone: 920-361-5525

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