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Community Health Network is more than a group of people held together by geographic boundaries. We are employees and staff -- healthcare professionals who share a sense of genuine concern and understanding. At Community Health Network, we are a community in the truest sense...because we're not just about equipment or facilities or technology.

We're about people.
Dedicated people who share a commitment to provide quality healthcare. We are the medical staff, employees and many volunteers -- dedicated people who pool our talents to meet the needs of more than 24,000 area families we serve. 

Over the years, Community Health Network has grown to become a continuum of quality health-related services, building a partnership with its customers by earning their trust, promoting wellness, and providing professional services within an environment that allows diversity, pride and an ongoing pursuit of excellence.

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To inquire about a specific position listed, please call our CHN Human Resource Services office at (920) 361-5581 or toll-free at 1-800-236-1283 ext 5581, or email tmcmasters@partnershealth.org.

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