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Plover Woman Dances with Joy after Hip and Knee Surgeries

For most patients who require a typical total hip replacement, the process is arduous and the recovery long and painful. For patients of orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Jones of Community Health Network, much of the discomfort is alleviated through an anterior approach hip replacement using Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS).  As only one of three surgeons in the state of Wisconsin currently performing anterior hip replacement, Jones is able to offer his patients shortened recovery time and less pain. One recent patient of Dr. Jones came from 65 miles away after learning of his success with anterior hip replacements using CAS.  After spending hours on her feet working in retail, as well as caring for her elderly mother for years, Plover, WI resident Shirley Laszewski began experiencing chronic hip pain caused by bone-on-bone friction and arthritis. She first sought medical help from a physician in Stevens Point, but, unimpressed with the level of service she received there, decided to look elsewhere. After shopping around for a doctor that could better meet her needs, Mrs. Laszewski heard about the excellent care Dr. Jones provides to his patients. Still working at age 73, Shirley was able to cope without intervention or medication for three years after her initial meeting with Dr. Jones, who told her that surgery is always the last option, not the first.  Shirley’s hip deteriorated and she decided to proceed with surgery when, in November 2009, she was unable to dance at her oldest grandson’s wedding.

Although many of those who know Shirley thought she was traveling to Europe when she said she was going to Berlin for her surgery, she notes that when she made her decision to have surgery done in a small town, so far from her home, it was done with much research and comparison of friends and workmates who had the same operation.

When asked about her experiences with Dr. Jones and the staff at CHN, Shirley cannot say enough, “Dr. Jones, Physician Assistant Ray Milan, all the hospital staff and all of the nurses showed such attention to detail, care and consideration. Many have commented on how I walk so well, with no limping or needing a lift in my shoe. This experience has given me the opportunity to share my successful results done by professionals who truly care about your welfare and make it their number one concern.”  Shirley goes on to rave not only about the caring and friendly staff at the CHN Orthopedic Clinic, but also about the excellent hospital food. In fact, whenever she has a follow-up appointment with Dr. Jones, she and her husband are sure to stop in the hospital cafeteria for a delicious bite to eat!  

Shirley was so thrilled with the care she received for her January 2010 anterior hip surgery that she decided to take care of a persistent knee issue in June of this year as well. Both the hip and knee surgeries were performed using the CAS technology.  This technique allows Dr. Jones to virtually map out the entire surgery and align the bones and implants with a high degree of precision not otherwise possible with the naked eye. The computer projects the patient’s anatomy onto a screen, and provides an unobstructed, three-dimensional view.

When asked to comment on the technology, Dr. Jones’ passion is apparent, “the advantages of Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) are absolutely astonishing. Compared to traditional surgery, it gives us greater vision, allowing us to make smaller incisions with pinpoint accuracy.” Dr. Jones goes on to note that CAS allows him to avoid cutting through muscle, and maneuver to replace the joint with less trauma to the surrounding tissue. The result for Shirley was immediately apparent—faster recovery and little pain post-op.

Shirley credits her speedy recovery not only to the people at CHN, but also her wonderful family. Her granddaughter, Lanna, came up from Rockford, Illinois and spent the night right alongside her in the room, to be by her grandma’s side during her recovery, and her daughter-in-law, Heidi took care of her day and night following her discharge from the hospital. Now, less than a year after her initial surgery, Shirley is happy to report, with a smile, that when Lanna got married on October 10th of this year, she easily danced the night away with her husband of 54 years.  

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