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Health & Wellness Audio Podcasts.

Each month specially selected CHN Healthcare Providers will cover a variety of current topics to promote and maintain your good health. You can listen to any of these shows simply by clicking the Podcast link next to the program.

Date Guest(s) Topic/Subject Podcast
May, 2013 Kathleen Legare, Registered Dietitian and Dr. Paul Nelsen High Blood Pressure
April, 2013 Dr. Paul Nelsen and Pam Alf, Wellness Coordinator Read, Run, Reach Program and the CHN 5K Run/Walk
March, 2013 Dr. Paul Nelsen and Jared Kohlenberg DO Family Practice
February, 2013 Dr. Paul Nelsen, Karen Schweigert, RCS Heart Health
January, 2013 Dr. Paul Nelsen, John Feeney CEO of CHN CHN Top Critical Access Hospital!
December, 2012 Dr. Paul Nelsen, Pam Alf Stress Management
November, 2012 Dr. Paul Nelsen, Dr. Jeff Meincke Orthopedic Surgery
October, 2012 Dr. Paul Nelsen, Kathy Roehl RN, Heather Steffen Importance of immunizations and vaccines.
September, 2012 Dr. Paul Nelsen, Diana Krause, Ryan Draeger, Hans Backhaus State of the art Diagnostic Imaging services
August, 2012 Dr. Paul Nelsen, Wendy Schultz, RN CHN Half Marathon and 5K
July, 2012 Dr. Paul Nelsen, Dr. Dan Resop and Heather Steffen State of the Art Anesthesia
June, 2012 Dr. Paul Nelsen
Dr. Robert Geller
CHN Hematology & Oncology
May, 2012

Dr. Uri Vaisman, Dr. Sarah Gerber and Dr. Paul Nelsen

Bone Health--Density Testing and Supplement Options
April, 2012 Dr. Paul Nelsen
Dr. Horace Lo
Surgical options for acid reflux
March, 2012 Dr. Paul Nelsen
Tracy Paris, RN, WCC, DWC
CHN Would Care Clinic
January, 2012 Dr. Paul Nelsen
Randy Roeper & Deb Sawtelle, CHN Homecare
CHN Homecare
December, 2011 Dr. Paul Nelsen
Julie Felix, APNP
Heather Steffen
What is a Nurse Practioner?
November, 2011 Dr. Paul Nelsen
Lynn Kleman, CHN Foundation
Heather Steffen
CHN Foundation
October, 2011 Dr. Eric Newgent Sleep and Occupational Medicine
September, 2011 Heather Steffen Celebrating CHN's Centennial
August, 2011 Dr. Uri Vaisman
Ryan Draeger, CT Tech
Heather Steffen
State of the Art Diagnostic Imaging at CHN
July, 2011 Dr. Joe Longo
Melissa Johnston, ATC
Lori Badtke, PT
Athletic Training and Physical Therapy Options at CHN
June, 2011 Paul Nelsen, MD
Tina Marchan, Social Services Director
Long & Short-Term Care Services at Juliette Manor
May, 2011 Dr. Paul Nelsen
Terri Vande Kolk
Teri Meyer
Heather Steffen
Volunteer Opportunities and the Community Blood Center Blood Drive
April, 2011 Dr. Paul Nelsen
Dr. Joseph Longo
Pam Mork, RN
Labor, Delivery & Obstetrics
March, 2011 Dr. Paul Nelsen
Kelly Krause
Pamela Alf
General Wellness & the CHN Helping Hands for Cancer 5K
February, 2011 Kelly Schmude, RN (ED)
Dr. Paul Nelsen
Heather Steffen, VFP
Heart Health
January, 2011 Dr. John Modrzynski
Leesa McShane, FNP
Dr. Paul Nelsen
Smoking cessation, Healthy diet and exercise
December, 2010 Dr. Uri Vaisman
Dr. Paul Nelsen
Diagnostic Imaging
November, 2010 Dr. Joseph Longo
Dr. Christine Calvello
Women's Health  
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