Birth Center

18 - 40 Years Old


Statistically, women in this age group experience the greatest mortality in childbirth. Routine health discussions should include information about contraception, sexually transmitted disease, and fertility.

Healthy lifestyles include regular vigorous exercise, seatbelt wearing, avoidance of tobacco, and a diet including 5 fruits and vegetables daily. Condoms can reduce the risk of AIDS. Condoms do not provide HPV (sexually transmitted viruses) protection. Limiting the number of sexual contacts can reduce the risk of AIDS and HPV.

Examination Includes...
Blood Pressure
Skin Cancer Screen
Lymph Node Exam
Breast Exam
Pelvic Exam

Testing - a cholesterol screen may be appropriate.

Cancer Screening Cervical Cancer - PAP Smear.

Immunizations - tetanus booster every 10 yrs.

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