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Knowing You is a newsletter that is mailed to over 26,000 homes in the surrounding communities of CHN. It is an informative and timely piece that focuses on the services, departments, offerings, and the people of CHN. Click on a link below for an easy read of the past newsletters we have sent out. We appreciate any comments you may have on our communication newsletter, feel free to email us at

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2009 Issue 3: "Committed to Orthopedic Excellence"

2008 Issue 2: "Leading Edge Technology Means Better Care at CHN"

2008 Issue 1: "Cancer: The Good News and Not-So-Good News"

2007 Issue 3: "School Health 101"

2007 Issue 2: "Healthy Resolutions"

2007 Issue 1: "State-of-the-Art Orthopedics Care"

2006 Issue 3: "Rural Physicians"

2006 Issue 2: "Extended Care"

2006 Issue 1: "Surgical Care Center"

2005 Issue 3: "CHN Rehabilitation Services...More than Physical Therapy"

2005 Issue 2: "Superior Care Provided by the CHN Surgical Team"

2005 Issue 1: "Family Birth Center: Bringing Special Deliveries To You"

2004 Issue 1: "CHN Emergency Department: Here for You"

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