Birth Center

Our Physician's Birthing Philosophies

Craig Batley, DO
I like to provide careful, attentive and compassionate care to every motherís birthing experience. I work hard to provide the best care using the most up-to-date modalities to ensure the best possible outcomes for each mother and child.

Todd Bradshaw, MD
To offer all available options and therapies to make the pregnancy and delivery a special and memorable one.

M. Jean Bruce, MD
For most births, we doctors and nurses serve as privileged attendants gently encouraging the woman and her birthing partner to find what works best for them during the labor and delivery. The birthing experience belongs to women, not to the medical community. Pregnancy and giving birth are not medical conditions. Those of us attending women during pregnancy, labor and birth do need to always be on the watch for anything that might cause the woman or baby to develop trouble and then do what is necessary and in our power to keep mother and baby healthy.

Patrick Bruno, MD/OBGYN
To provide care and comfort in a safe environment.

David Budde, DO
I acknowledge that child birth is a natural process and a memorable event for all families. Every babyís birth is unique and so are the needs of the parents. Incorporating the most up-to-date medical knowledge and skills helps ensure the safety of the pregnancy and the best possible outcome.

Shawn Ekstrom, MD
Having a baby should be a joyous occasion. For each couple that definition is different. Accommodating each couple so they have the experience they desire is important.

Renee Murphy, MD
I like to enable the birthing experience to be as natural as possible, in other words, using interventions only when necessary. I do believe in pain medications. I also like to be there with, and for, my patients when they are in labor rather than just being present for the delivery.

Paul Nelsen, MD
Integration of up-to-date science and technology with the natural process of labor and delivery.

P. Michael Shattuck, MD
Child birth is a natural process, but it needs to be monitored for abnormal progress or presentation. I feel that the process should be allowed to occur naturally with intervention only when necessary.

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