Birth Center

Family Birth Center Tour

The Family Birth Center offers two large birthing rooms for labor and delivery, three postpartum rooms, private whirlpool room for laboring and water birthing, and a nursery with close nursing surveillance and security monitoring.

Birthing Rooms
Two large birthing rooms provide ample room for labor & delivery. Emergency equipment is immediately accessible if necessary.

Whirlpool Room
The whirlpool room is located in the labor & delivery area and provides a relaxing atmosphere for labor and for water birthing.

Postpartum Rooms
Private postpartum rooms provide a comfortable setting for the after-delivery stay. Sleeper chairs convert to beds for overnight guests.

The Nursery
The nursery is adjacent to the nursing station and is equipped and staffed to provide routine newborn care. Security measures are taken to provide a safe environment for the newborns.

Family Waiting Room
A family waiting room provides an area for family and friends to be nearby to provide labor support

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