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Community Health Network Provides State-of-the-Art MRI Services

Community Health Network (CHN) has acquired a new state-of-the-art high definition magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI) that is available at Berlin Memorial Hospital. Unlike the mobile unit of the past, this equipment is a permanent addition to the Diagnostic Imaging department, providing doctors at CHN with highly detailed pictures to help them evaluate a wide range of conditions, including stroke and musculoskeletal injuries.

“With our new high definition MRI system, we are able to capture detailed images of our patients, providing our physicians with outstanding image quality for a more confident diagnosis, and less likelihood of rescans, even in the most challenging circumstances,” said Dawn Henriksen, Manager of Diagnostic Imaging at CHN.

The new scanner also features a much larger bore (opening), a sophisticated sound system for patients to listen to music during the scan, and advanced technology that reduces noises during most scans.

Lead MRI Technologist Ryan Draeger notes, “This new equipment is geared toward making the MRI experience as comfortable as possible. In addition to the larger opening, we also offer sedation for patients who are very claustrophobic or in too much pain to lay down for the entire exam.” He adds, “Unique to this scanner is the ability to perform certain MRA studies without intravenous contrast agents for patients with poor renal function that normally could not have that scan.”  This breakthrough allows CHN to offer more sophisticated exams to a greater variety of patients.

“This equipment enables CHN to offer the most comprehensive MRI procedures in the area, providing optimal diagnostic capabilities for the assessment of the brain, spine, prostate, abdomen, and pelvis, as well as perform orthopedic diagnoses of the elbow, wrist, hip and ankle,” said Draeger.

The MRI has recently increased its hours of availability, and will now be staffed from 6am-6pm Mondays through Fridays and 7am-12pm on select Saturdays. For more information or for any questions regarding the MRI or other Diagnostic Imaging capabilities at CHN, please call 920-361-5554.

Photo Caption: Demonstrating the extra-large MRI bore opening are MRI Staff Kassie Miller (bottom left), MRI Lead Technologist Ryan Draeger (bottom right) and Erika Heberer, MRI student technician.

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